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Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network

Header photos: L: Network Founder Steve Sklar; Center: Mouthpieces of fine didgeridoos made by Darryl DikarrngaChad ButlerGeoff FrostJeff Lohr


The Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network was founded in late 2011 by Steve Sklar of Skysong Productions, based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. You have likely found the network either via web search about sleep apnea, referral by a sleep clinic or other care provider, or word of mouth because you are a sufferer of this common ailment or have a loved one with sleep apnea. However you found us, you’ve undoubtedly heard that playing the didgeridoo might help people with Sleep Apnea.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to connect didgeridoo teachers with sleep patients and clinics in a mutually-beneficial relationship. We provide educational resources for patients, clinics, and didgeridoo teachers, and have created a growing directory of didgeridoo teachers, available to the public free of charge (see link below).

Please note: We are NOT physicians and recommend that patients consult their professional healthcare providers regarding their condition and concerns, and to follow their recommendations.

Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Videos

These videos are a great introduction to the basics of using didgeridoo to help treat sleep apnea.

The Minneapolis StarTribune recently published a feature article about Steve’s work teaching didgeridoo to sleep apnea patients, with video:


Video from The Doctors TV show


Sleep Apnea Explained and Relieved by Playing Didgeridoo


Schlafapnoe, Atemprobleme & Didgeridoo/Sleep apnea, breathing problems & Didgeridoo (German)