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Didgeridoo for Sleep Apnea

The Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network was founded in late 2011 by Steve Sklar of Skysong Productions, based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, in response to the growing public awareness that playing didgeridoo may help to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to connect didgeridoo teachers with sleep patients and clinics in a mutually-beneficial relationship. We provide educational resources for patients, clinics, and didgeridoo teachers, and have created a growing directory of didgeridoo teachers, available to the public free of charge.

Numerous medical organizations are recommending that playing the didgeridoo (also didjeridoo, didjeridu, didg, didj) can help people with obstructive sleep apnea, a common disorder that can have serious health implications, and also some cases of snoring that have a throat component. Playing the didgeridoo strengthens and tones the throat and the tongue, and can also provide good exercise for the respiratory system, including asthma, as well as a meditation aid. We are NOT physicians and recommend that patients consult their professional healthcare providers and to follow their recommendations.

It’s often recommend practicing 20-30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. However, I usually tell beginning students to play a few minutes at a time, a few times a day. This lets them get used to the instrument without tiring or stressing the lips. Keep your didgeridoo nearby, somewhere you’ll see it; remember, out of sight, out of mind! Then, when they have built a little lip strength and endurance, they can increase the amount of time spent playing.

Playing the didgeridoo is fun, sounds great, and is easy for most people to learn! These qualities make it easy to stick with a program.

We have been contacted by sleep clinics and patients, and didge stores have increased sales and promotions. However, most health professionals dealing with sleep apnea and most suffers still do not know any didgeridoo teachers or didgeridoo suppliers. It is our goal to change this. There are opportunities available for didgeridoo players who want to teach!

The current price for one year’s listing in the network is US $25.00.

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Please note: We are not setting a recommended fee for lessons and workshops, as appropriate fees will vary by locality. However, we do recommend that members use common sense and remember that pricing your teaching too high or too low will work against you, and also have negative effects on other teachers. Keeping prices affordable and allowing a sliding scale (adjustable, based on student’s ability to pay) also help to assure that the patients and clinics can recieve the benefits of playing the didgeridoo.

We will be active in promoting this to sleep apnea-related organizations. After you join, we strongly encourage you to also contact your local sleep clinics and sleep apnea organizations. Such cross-promotion will no doubt benefit us all!

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, mature, and ethical manner. Complaints may result in being removed from the network at the discretion of Skysong Productions. There are no refunds.


Steve Sklar
Skysong Productions, Inc.